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OH YES!  Episode two of my weekly web radio drama show is UP!  LISTEN NOW! :) I promise you won’t regret it.  Though if you do, I won’t give you anything.

Hero BLOB can turn into any liquid and grow to any size!  Follow his adventures weekly on!!!

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Hey fellas,

Just wanted to tell you that the Hero BLOB Radio Drama program is up and running at!  Check it out!

The first episode, ‘The Combustible Crimewave’, is already up, and it’s a corker!  Listen as BLOB fights the Mad Flamethrower Person, deranged evil pyromaniac obsessed with burning all the people of Innocentville!

Action!  Laughs! Flames!  Water!

And, coming this Wednesday, Episode 2 sees BLOB confront ‘The Diabolical Deeds of Doctor Von Blimpo’!  That’s this Wednesday, folks!

Meanwhile, production continues on the rest of the series. Hero BLOB Episode 3:’Danse of the Spider Freak’, is fully recorded, and I’ve just finished editing all the dialogue.  All that’s left is to add the INCREDIBLE sound effects and AMAZING music!  That’ll be premiering the following Wednesday.

A BLOB a week keeps the insane asylum director away!  Listen to them!  HEAR THEIR FURY!!!


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This is a short story I wrote in high school, which I just rediscovered… I kinda like it!

It was the most dire situation the Hyper Ultra Team had ever encountered.  They were besieged; they were attacked; they were surrounded!  Outside their secret superhero compound, the crowd undulated, a teeming mass of burning rage screaming for blood.  Yet, this time, the enemy was not one of the Zorkian Slug-men who had invaded the earth.  This time, the enemy was a crowd of humans.  They held in their hands picket signs and wore on their faces grimaces of anger. 

            “They’ve blocked all the exits!” exclaimed Ultra-Yellow.  “We have no way to get out!  Even the Power Vehicles’ hangars are inaccessible!”

            “Why are they doing this?” cried Ultra-Pink, backing away in horror from the viewing window and clasping her hand to her mouth.

            “It’s because of Slograth.  It’s because we killed Slograth.” Explained the cool, calculating Ultra-Blue.

            One week before, the evil space slug named Slograth had attacked a troupe of schoolchildren actors and attempted to kill them and steal their brains for his leader, the terrifyingly huge Slumastah.  The Hyper Ultra Team had been forced to kill the monster in order to save the children.

            “But don’t they realise that the Slug Empire is trying to take over the earth?” Asked the leader, Ultra-Red, in confusion.

            “They’re cattle.  The fools have already fallen into the trap of the Slug-men’s propaganda.  They might as well have already had their brains stolen,” uttered the gruff Ultra-Black, spitting on the ground in disgust.

            “Well, we’ve got to do something,” exclaimed Ultra-Red, “or else the Slug Empire will attack again! Unless we strike soon, the whole world will be overrun by Zorkian Slug-men!”

            “There’s only one way to deal with this kind of crowd of fools!” Ultra-Black said.  He rushed out of the room quickly, his giant scarf flowing its black-and-silver material behind him as he went.

            “Where’s he going?!” Ultra-Pink cried, covering her mouth with her hands.

            “He can’t really mean to use the Ultra-Cycle…” Ultra-Blue said.  Just as he did so, everyone turned as they heard the unmistakable roar of the Black Ultra-Cycle.  They looked out of the viewing window and saw Ultra-Black drive straight into the crowd of raving picketers.

            “Nooooo!!!” Ultra-Pink shouted.  “He’ll kill all of those people!”

            Ultra-Black activated his force-knife and sliced through dozens of picketers.  He drove over their corpses and spat to his sides.

            “Damn you, don’t you realize that we’re fighting to save you!” he yelled, but they did not listen.  They blocked his path, and his motorbike faltered.  Screaming, he fell into the mad crowd and was covered up by the bodies of hundreds.

            “We told him that it wasn’t the right way to do things!  How could he kill all those people??” yelled Ultra-Blue.

            “How could all those people kill him?  He saved the Earth countless times!” yelled Ultra-Pink. 

But she was not quite correct.  He was not yet dead.  Activating his Ultra-ForceShield ™, he disintegrated scores of the people piled on top of him.

Ultra-Red was horrified.  “Maybe those people are right!  If a member of our team could kill with such a lack of care for other people, maybe we shouldn’t fight.  Maybe the Slug Empire deserves this planet more than we do.  Maybe…maybe we should just give up the Earth to them.”

With Ultra-Pink sobbing into her hands, Ultra-Red pressed the control that opened their main doors to the crowd.

“We’d like to officially announce that we have retired, and will no longer do that which you do not approve of,” Ultra-Red announced to the crowd that came crashing into the Control Room.  “We’d like to give ourselves up to the proper authorities and— ” Ultra-Red was never able to finish his sentence.  The crowd, foaming at the mouth, tore the Ultra-Team limb from limb.  Ultra-Pink’s eyes forever lay fixed open wide with terror at the destruction of her team.

One week later, the earth was dead.